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Get On Top

[Total: 2402    Average: 4.2/5]

There are few games that give so much fun and bring out the competitive genius in you such as Get on Top. The graphics are simple and easy to connect with and the aim of the game is not hard to decipher. It is a Two Player game with each Party trying to be the first to put the other party down. Anyone who has his or her head touching the ground or pushed down is the loser. Conversely, the beauty of it all is that it takes a lot of navigation and dexterity to make the most of each maneuver. Interestingly, if you are someone who loves a good combat game; this would be an ideal medium to express yourself. Beyond this, it also allows you express your passion for Victory in a grand style. You can prove your superiority and prowess to your friend in the game of Get on Top. There are certain features that appeal to you which are the use of simple characters, the opportunity to choose which character you would love to be and so much more. One of the gains of having a firsthand feel of the game is that you can play it over and over without the delay of waiting for the game to re-boot. The Control Mechanism is also easy to navigate. You can use the Arrow or WASD keys to make your moves. This is the use of the simple conventional methods to move left, up, down, etc. There is the opportunity of getting the good old hit but if you miss your hits, you might end up losing the game. In all fairness, this game remains an engaging and creative display of the power of Multi-player functionality; as you do not need to take turns to have fun.

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